Rocket scientists give us inexpensive phone service

Have you thought of your phone system being embedded on an ordinary computer?  I use a phone system based on the open source software FreeSWITCH®.  It saves me money by allowing me to get the full use of my Internet line, while avoiding the extra cost and taxes of dedicated phone lines.  With FreeSWITCH® and other SIP solutions, the concept of "lines" goes away.  Everything is a network packet, so the number of simultaneous calls is only limited by your computer speed and network bandwidth.  With FreeSWITCH® I can have an unlimited number of stations and incoming and outgoing DID's and the whole configuration is defined in one software program.

FreeSWITCH® is the opensource version of the engine that runs Barracuda Network's CudaTel.  If you want a polished, finished product with an easy user-interface, you should buy the CudaTel product.  If you are a tinkerer, or need a highly customizable, applications-driven version, you'll want the bare engine from FreeSWITCH®

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